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Did you know...?

A 2007 CDC Los Angeles survey indicated that 17.9% of high school students reported they have sniffed glue, breathed the contents of aerosol spray cans, or inhaled paints or sprays to get high one or more times during their life.



Al Anon

Father Tom W.
Al Anon Meeting  -
For those close to an alcoholic
Very Funny and Informative
Laugh and Learn!

Celebrate Recovery

Relapse Prevention


Recovery Music
by Crossbridge

Album: Thy Kingdom Come
Why I Came
Sweet Peace
Pour Out My Heart
The Lord's Prayer
Sing Praise, Be Healed

Album: Presence
All That I Have
In Your Presence
East to West
Shelter in the Storm
Heart of a Child
Little by Little et al
I Go With You
I Hear You Calling

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Los Angeles Inpatient Rehab Treatment Centers

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

You can also find resources at the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

According to the Whitehouse Drug Policy Center, in 2005 there were 49,275 admissions into drug and alcohol treatment programs in Los Angeles County. 

Methamphetamine admissions were first with 12,875. Heroine was second with 9,997.



Life Steps - Pasos de Vida 12555 W Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles CA 90001 (805) 481-2505 x215
Mini Twelve Step House Inc 4041 Marlton Ave #250 Los Angeles CA 90001 (323) 232-6228
Salvation Army - Safe Harbor 809 East 5th Street Los Angeles CA 90001 (213) 622-5253
Kings Care - A Safe Place 1957 South Victoria Ave Los Angeles CA 90001 (323) 734-4311
His Sheltering Arms - Family Service Center 10615 South Avalon Blvd Los Angeles CA 90003 (323) 754-6900
CA Hispanic Commission Alcohol & Drug Abuse - Latinos Recovery Home Wabash
2436 Wabash Ave Los Angeles CA 90033 (323) 780-8756
Asian American Drug Abuse Program - Olympic Academy for Youth


5825 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036 (323) 933-9022
Palms Residential Care Facility - Mount Carmel Treatment Center 801 West 70th Street Los Angeles CA 90044 (323) 759-0340 x17
Mary Lind Recovery Centers - Royal Palms Recovery Home 360 South Westlake Ave Los Angeles CA 90057 (213) 483-9201
Mid Valley Recovery Services - Mariposa Recovery Center 453 South Indiana St Los Angeles CA 90063 (323) 266-7725




Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Southern California






































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